A Far Fetched Resolution

I’ll tell you what happens with impossible promises. You start with far-fetched resolutions. They are then pickled into a rigid dogma, a code, you go through the years sticking to that, out-dated, misplaced, irrelevant to the real needs, and you end up in the grotesque chaos of a Labour council, a Labour council hiring taxis to scuttle round the city handing out redundancy notices to its own workers. I’ll tell you.. You can’t play politics with people’s jobs and with people’s services.

Friday, January 19, 2007


I first heard about this on the wireless. But I thought it was a joke. It is however true. Some absolute genius PR has come up with the only real way to communicate to the public the truth behind the process of the maturation of cheese. Cheddar Cheese.


Whilst it may not appear as though much is happening, this is because you are taking far too short term a view of things. This cheese has been maturing now for over 27 days. In just short of a year it will be fully mature. Stay tuned to see it's flavour develop into that rich, strong cheddar taste. slowly. Enjoy.

Meanwhile the potatoes for schools people (no I don't know why either) have just claim for copyright on the unique (not so unique?)marketing ploy that is the 'staggeringly tedious webcam' in that, whilst their "potatocam" launches in March, this is the second such project. The previous years viewing of the life cycle of a...potato...clearly having captured the imagination of thousands.

They also win by offering genuine interaction, tackling ignorance in the name of the public understanding of the potato:

Grow Your Own Potatoes 2007
60% of children thought potatoes grew on trees! So, the British Potato Council launched the 'Grow Your Own Potatoes' project for primary schools.

On an unrelated note, September saw "the launch of Webcameron.org.uk, a website which gives the public a unique opportunity to communicate, and share a platform with David Cameron, aswell as thought leaders from around the world."

I leave you to draw your own conclusions.


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